Upcoming Crowdfunding

The crowdfunding campaign has been postponed to undefined time because of the canceled exhibitions (25-26 of March at the SwissTech Convention Center), where our wristguards were going to be demonstrated and provided for sales via the crowdfunding.

The crowdfunding date will be announced on this website as soon as we estimate the market demand given the current situation with coronavirus, which significantly shifted social priorities and public attention.
Armofab (C) Wristguard with Dynamic Flexibility

Armored Flexible Wristguard

Just try and use always

We are releasing the first ever Armored Wristguard having Dynamic Flexibility, which rests naturally on the body while providing extreme protection due to our composite materials and elaborated design. This equipment is based on our proprietary composite material that is flexible in normal operating conditions and instantly becomes rigid in response to the external shock (e.g., hits, punches, or any other strong impulses) during the shock exposure.

Awesome features

Our equipment is designed to operate in extreme environments (t = -60 .. 250 *C, does not absorb moisture and can be used underwater), the composite itself does not contain any metals or plastics (except the Velcro).

modern design

Our wristguard has been designed from scratch to guarantee durability in the extreme operating conditions while being comfortable and nice.

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